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Happy Birthday Changmin! And Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Comment to Be Added

Friends-Only, currently not accepting. Stories currently unavailable. Sorry for now. Sorry cannot help with layouts.

Want to friend me? Comment here...

But I just want to say that I only add people who like the bands I’m into, for example: KAT-TUN, NEWS, DBSK, Super Junior and et cetera. Or those who are in cherish_signals that are also watching the community who has commented here and want to add me as a friend. ♡

Want to talk about pretty much anything, this is the place for me and you to chat...
Any other miscellaneous issues and topics, comment away!

Inside My Heart [Back in Business]

I'm back from the break.
I'm really out of the loop now ne?

I wonder what's DBSK's new song is.
Also I have to know what Super Junior is up to.
However, I do have more respect and consideration to the subject of "fangirling" bands.
I've been watching the American tadbloid shows and I see how the media and in turn the public affect celebrity lives.
Probably the Korean and Japanese bands I am into aren't liking some of the things fangirls do.

Well, I guess there's always a new day for more fandoms.
Going on a break.
Summatives and exams.
Can't talk for too long. :(

Will be checking communities sometimes.
Chance! <-Daisakusen



To Do List
Change layout for cherish_signals and leeteuk_love
Change lovexsarang's layout <3
Fix my own layout (so entries don't start halfway down the page)

cherish_signals Affiliations

If you would like cherish_signals to affiliate you, please comment here, we promise we don't bite!

After we say yes, would you affiliate us also? Thanks a lot in advance.




leeteuk_love, Confetti-ed Opening!

-Leeteuk_love- community, banner made by spinspiderspin

Click on banner to see leeteuk_love community

Leeteuk_♡ is a brand new community for Leeteuk also known popularly as Eeteuk of Super Junior.
Please join if you are a fan!
And if you do not know him, take a peek at the community and profile anyway!
There, you can post anything Leeteuk related and Super Junior things are accepted.
Once a member, start posting right away with an intro or anything else you would like!

Any concerns please comment at the community's suggestion/concern box because it pertains to the community.

Can’t stop!


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Massu - yellow original
queen of fluff

About Me

Background: three quaters Vietnamese, one quarter Chinese

Fave JE Group: NewS

Fave: Massu obvious ne?

Next Fave: Hero from DBSK

Fave Song: My Angel, You are Angel by KAT-TUN Loveliest melody ever!

Fave Moment: Akira confessing that he loves Nabuta "What do you want to do with her? Date her?" "I want to do that and... Should I say it— Marry her! Embarrassing!!" covers face and falls to the floor

Message: Cut the pizza into four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six
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